Peaceful Portfolio™️ - Protect and grow money that matters.

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Clients come to us seeking our Peaceful Portfolio™️ for their 401K's, IRA's and Investments since it provides industry leading potential for growth with protection from losses and no fees.

The Peaceful Portfolio™️ is an optimal solution for clients who are:
Unsure where to invest to secure highly competitive rates of return.
Worried about losing money from market losses during uncertain times.
Tired of paying fees.
Frustrated trying to time investments with the market ups and downs.
Concerned something must be done and just not sure what’s best.

The Peaceful Portfolio™️ is the ideal strategy for clients seeking:
✔ Competitive growth and interest from diversified investment options.
✔ Guaranteed protection from market losses.

✔ A superior option to "Bonds" in a blended Stock and Bond portfolio to reduce risk.

✔ A “Growth and Protection” account to safeguard an important portion of wealth.
✔ “Peace of Mind” as it relates to money and investments.
✔ Access to the best investment products.
✔ No fees. 100% of client funds are invested on Day 1.
✔ No taxes until funds are withdrawn. A tax-deferred investment solution.

After repositioning funds into our Peaceful Portfolio™️ clients are:
Stress-free since not worried about losing money due to guarantees against loss.
Relieved about finding diverse investment options to secure highly competitive returns.
Excited about not paying any fees.
Ecstatic about not paying any taxes until funds are withdrawn.
Elated about income options available to guarantee they can’t outlive their portfolios.


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